Pattern works

Over the years I have turned Kauri Pine Foundry Master Patterns into Display Cabinets, Coffee Tables, Seats, & occasional Tables.   Also Mirrors, Lamps, Clock~au~Doodle, Robots, Shrines, and small Sculptures.

My first Exhibition was at the Fringe Gallery in ’92.  I was heavily involved with the Fringe Festivals and had entries in a number of Fringe Festival “Fringe Furniture” events, a Sculptural Lamp winning 2nd prize in ’96. (judged by Maurie Schwartz)

My 2nd Exhibition was of ‘Totems’ and held at Gregory Ford Antiques in Oxford Street Sydney in 2002

I had 66 Totems on display, some with illuminating Eyes.

In 2012 I launched my GULLIBILOMETER Mk 1 but it proved to take all day to assemble and would only just fit in a large Car.   I have just completed the shorter Porta~Gullibilometer Mk 2 which should tick all the boxes!   It measures a given victims Gullibility quotient, their Numbers of Fortune, Lucky Numbers & Tram Tickets etc. whilst soothing their addled grey matter with discombobulating worms of wisdom and Good Vibe Radar and it provides a printed read-out.   with Steam & Audio accompaniment!

Shortly I’ll be launching the Antipodes Longest and Shallowest collapsing Pinball MacHine, Humanias Flamin’ Great Balls of Fire, (or worms to that effect!)