Edison Light Shows / Giant Edison Screw I Humania Outdoor Projections

After nearly a year in Bed with Rheumatic Fever and 3 other Diseases all at once in late childhood, plus too many School changes, we came to Melbourne from the country and all seemed very scary! In my teens I saw 3 Schools and 30 jobs before I went a little screwy.

I had LSD a few times with a Doc, but that’s another story.
Then a friend who happened to be an Art Teacher and front man for the Gut Bucket Jug Band (and occasional member of Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band) Colin Stevens, introduced me to the joys of Experimental Home Movie Making! I made a3x super-imposed Thirty minute 8 millimetre Epic at Australias first three Pop Festivals. But shortly there-after I slowly realised that Projection was what really rang my bell! I SAW THE LIGHT!
The image of me with rainbow was painted by Colin from a pic of me playing Best Man at his Wedding.

I chose the name Edison since no-one could remember ‘McSpedden’ but I felt I’d think of something more unique, shortly. ‘ Giant Edison Screw’ (which relates to the connecting end of an Industrial Light Globe) was the name I used for Full-on Shows which involved me collaborating with the Band and shooting pics or creating FX specifically to enhance their music.
As I did with Tangerine Dream, John Mayall, Spectrum & all Bands at T.F.Much Ballroom.

In ’92 Humania [Hue mania = Colour madness] dawned on me and the human hue-man Hugh man was tired of 2nd hand Edison anyway. Thomas did have some downsides.

After 1O years of Rock ‘n’ Roll Light shows thru the 70’s, my slight Hearing problem was exacerbated to such a degree that I decided NO MORE INDOOR ROCK! I began researching ways of utilising old Cinema Projection gear as I began projecting Kinetic Polka Dots onto Buildings, starting at the top, with the Royal Exhibition Buildings(at Carlton) in 1984, which I enhanced on Five occasions thru the 80’s. Along with Melbourne Town Hall twice, and North Melbourne, South Melbourne, Fitzroy Town Halls, each twice for various functions. Main St Hepburn Springs and Darling Harbour Sydney in ’89. In 1987 I acquired the brightest slide projector on earth which made Building Projection much easier.