In 1992 I acquired a 1939 4WD Ford Blitz Army Truck for the princely sum of $5000.

It had been rebuilt from the ground up. Decorated with Foundry Patterns from my collection it appeared in every Fringe Parade from 1992 to 2002 ~ the last one thanks to Public Liability’s impact. Decorations by a bunch of friends led by Marcos Davidson, (a Jeweller well known for adventurous happenings such as “Port Bomb”, a Big Splash creative diving Competition/ Party held at Port Melbs Station Pier, “Aero Day”, a City Happening involving Paper Plane launchings from tall buildings, “The Marching Party” a Melbourne City spontaneous single file Marching event (with Musical accompaniment, and “Massive 8”, Truck meets UFO meets Dirigible)

We decorated the Blitz with Foundry Patterns and all manner of Pyrotechnics, Audiology, Kinetics, Atmospherics, Music etc, a lively Vehicle de Light for that celebration of all things FRINGE!

I also drove it in a few Warrandyte Festival Parades and a Moomba Parade, after breaking my foot during its preparation the night before. Every gear change was agonising!

The Team included (at various times) Marcos Davidson, Maree Menzel, Rusty Chilcott & Deb, Justin Boehme, Colin Wotsit, Stephen Hince, Glen Jameson, Laurence Abou Khater, Steven Meier, Will Francis, Karl Mallon, Gareth Kershaw, Paul Mongoose Belin, Marc Pascal, David Murphy, Cameron Robbins, (Down St. Studios) Rooty Hill Formation Marching Band, Alan, Libby, Adelaide Webster, Paul Stewart, Karen (Naturo), Alistair Lleath, Bill Newsome, Lixa Brandt & Futurelic Crew, and a cast of thousands…..