MOONS A BALLOON In the 80’s I saw Ads in our ‘Trading Post’ for 100 Weather Balloons well past their Use-by Date, going for a song. I paid something like $2 each when new they’d be closer to $100 I believe. The first lot were good for 15ft diam. and the 2nd lot, 30ft diam.!!!

But they’d take an awful long time to get there! They looked wonderful atop a stage with real-time Kids Mugs projected, or with a Light behind. Really wanted to do the Helium thing tho a Drone now seems the way to go as they’re incredibly light, once inflated. Indoors, in a Hall they’d be wonderful when bouncing around on an Audience, tho some one with a Ciggy usually spoils it for all.
Being so cheap tho made it a repeatable cheap thrill! At other times I used a 15ft diam. Satellite Dish as a Moon for ‘Kids in the Moon’ at quite a few Warrandyte Festivals.