zoomin’ hooman lumens aka Son et Lumiere

The first man to enhance Australian Buildings with Projected Imagery (80’s on) is now retired (in Warrandyte) but is open to creating magical enlightening environments for very special private occasions, small (and even big).

Small but powerful Lasers produce intense beams of multicoloured Light which pass thru gratings which multiply them by thousands then they swirl ‘twixt rotating 300 yr old Rock Crystal Prisms which once hung from Chandeliers in a Castle on the Rhine, in Germany.  The beams refract and twist and bounce 360º or more via Second World War Armoured Tank Periscope Prisms, in a swirling stellar Dance thru the trees or off the walls.    See-thru Screens allow inspired Dancers to dance a la Light Phantasmagoria and Bob’s your Auntie adds her own Body Imagery and shadows to a colourful mixture already volving.

Other projections, Smoke, Snow, Bubbles and Men in the Moon, (or Kids in the Moon) floating by the way to add to the spectacle.   Faeries, UFOs and Pigs may fly for deserving Children, Happy Couples, Birthday Boys & Girls et al.


Worms fail me……