Bands I have worked with include:

John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers (UK), The Monkees (US), Tangerine Dream (Germany), Buckwheat Zydeco (US), Spirit (US) Split Enz (NZ), AC/DC, Colin Hays Men at Work, Mike Rudds Spectrum/Murtceps, Mackenzie Theory, Johnny Toppers ‘North to Alaskans’, Jeff Croziers R+R Magic Show, Daddy Cool, (Ross Hannaford) Max Merritt, Billy Thorpe, Renee Geyer+Sanctuary, Barry McAskill, Lipp Arthur/ Lipp and the Double Decker Bros. feat. Joe Camilleri, Ayers Rock, Carson, Madder Lake, Captain Matchbox, Company Caine, Banana Fish, Tully, Extradition, Tamam Shud, Country Radio, Company Caine, Blackfeather, Skyhooks, Sherbet, Caesars Palace, Hans Poulsen, Waak Waak Jungi, Al Jadida, Sharin Anderson, Reuben Tice, Eucalypso, (a band I Named!) Nicky Bomba, Seb Jorgensen, Peter Mumme, Steve Warner, and a zillion more

….apols to those whose names I’ve left out….